5 Steps to build a sustainable diet

To be smart and healthy is the dream of every person who is a victim of obesity. Many of us do a tough exercise daily and have a routine to skip meal. Some of us sacrifice his/her favorite food at the cost of his/her smartness. Many people prefer to follow diet plans. But all of these practices are very tough and tiresome. Instead of skipping meals and sacrifice your favorite food by adopting sensible eating habits and practicing portion control, you can eat nutritious foods so that you take in as many calories as you need to maintain your health and well-being at your ideal weight.Follow these 5 steps to build a sustainable diet.

The first step is to start counting the calories that you consume in a day so that you become conscious of two things:

  • You need to understand exactly how many calories you are eating on a “normal” day.
  • You need to realize where each calorie comes from — you need to build a calorie database in your brain so that you know, whenever you eat something, just how many calories it is supplying.

The second step is to figure out how many calories you need in a day. You can use the “12 grams per pound” rule, or you can get more precise by looking at our Calorie Chart.

The third step is to compare the two numbers — You may be startled by the difference between the “number of calories you need” and “the number of calories that you take in” in a day. That is where the extra pounds are coming from.

The fourth step is to figure out how to bring the two numbers in line. What you will soon realize is that 1,600 or 1,800 or 2,000 calories per day just isn’t that many. You have to watch and count everything you eat and drink every day and stick to your daily limit.

The fifth step might be to add exercise to the mix so that you can raise the number of calories you can consume per day.

Good Luck To All Those Who Are Trying To Loose Weight.:)

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