Which Exercise Burns Up What Calories

Exercise for your health!

It has been calculated that 1 pound of body fat is equal to 3500 calories.
This means that in order to lose 1 pound we have to walk for about 12.5 hours.
So don’t expect fast weight loss and remember to eat wisely.
The mood and feel-good benefits, however, are immediate and
the health benefits of exercise are endless.


  • Our body needs constant energy to maintain itself,so even when we’re fast asleep, it is still burning up calories!
  • However, most of us do not take enough exercise during our waking hours!
  • Ideally, we should aim to take 20-45 minutes exercise a day.

Exercise burns calories e.g. swimming burns 500+ calories while cycling burns 450+ calories.To see which exercise burns up what calories, see chart below.

Type of Exercise Calories/hour
Sleeping 55+
Eating 85+
Sewing 85+
Knitting 85+
Sitting 85+
Standing 100+
Driving 110+
Office Work 140+
Housework, moderate 160+
Golf, with trolley 180+
Golf, without trolley 240+
Gardening, planting 250+
Dancing, ballroom 260+
Walking, 3mph 280+
Table Tennis 290+
Gardening, hoeing etc. 350+
Tennis 350+
Water Aerobics 400+
Skating/ balding 420+
Dancing, aerobic 420+
Aerobics 450+
Bicycling, moderate 450+
Jogging, 5mph 500+
Gardening, digging 500+
Swimming, active 500+
Cross country ski machine 500+
Hiking 550+
Step Aerobics 550+
Rowing 550+
Power Walking 600+
Cycling, studio 650+
Squash 650+
Skipping with rope 700+
Running 700+

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