Diet after Pregnancy

Besides exercising, a proper diet is the best way to lose that extra weight you gain during pregnancy. Say “NO” to Dieting. You should not start dieting in order to recover your pre pregnancy figure. It will make you ill. Pregnancy and weight gain are like peas and carrots – they go together and it’s healthy for you. Therefore, when trying to lose those pregnancy pounds, be sensible and don’t entertain extremes: no junk food binges and no celebrity diets. After pregnancy, proper nutrition is still important especially if you’re breast-feeding so focus on nutrition, not on weight-loss diets! Your baby’s nutritional needs are more important than your need for a slim body. In this period you have to eat for two. It provides enough calories and nutrients to your body; giving you the energy and nutrition required by your body after pregnancy.

Doctors recommend a “nutritionally sound” diet for women after pregnancy which includes:

  • a low fat diet
  • a diet full of vitamins and minerals
  • a high fiber diet

Take fruits, vegetables and Grains.

Fruits, vegetables and grains are the foods that are high in fiber. They provide you many important nutrients which help you feel full longer.

Focus on Dairy Products and Meat:

Other nutrient-rich choices include low-fat dairy products, such as skim milk, yogurt and low-fat cheeses. Skinless poultry, most fish, beans, and lean cuts of beef are good sources of protein, as well as zinc, iron and B vitamins.

Avoid temptation.

You should avoid the two types of food or they will make you overweight and unhealthy i.e. Junk food and crash diet. If junk food poses too much temptation, keep it out of the house.

Eat smaller portions.

Don’t skip meals or limit your intake of fruits and vegetables. You’ll miss vital nutrients. Take smaller portions of meal and focus on drinks.

Eat only when you’re hungry.

Eat at proper time after a suitable interval or when you feel your self hungry. If you’re anxious or nervous or if you simply think it’s time to eat, distract yourself. Take your baby for a walk, call a friend or read a favorite magazine.

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