Phen375 Side effects

Phen375 Side effects

The composition of the human body is although generally the same but when it comes down to specifics we all vary in one way or the other. This is exactly why the workings of any particular drug including Phen375 vary from person to person. The list of possible side effects that an individual might observe under the influence of Phen375 is as followed;

Dizziness: You might feel a bit nauseated this is mostly due to the loss of body fat at an extremely fast rate

Increase in Blood Pressure: This maybe due to the incorporation of fat molecules into the blood stream. 

Increased Heart Rate: Increased Blood pressure may result in the increased heart rate

Irregularity of stool patterns: This is due to the enhanced workings of the digestive track and metabolic rate of the body.

Lack of sleep: Due to increased amount of energy available and caffeine content of the drug may cause sleep loss.

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