Tips of Yoga for Weight Loss

The type of yoga you need to  loss weight is called vinyasa or flow yoga. This style of yoga is based on the presentation of a sequence of poses called “sun salutations”. Vinyasa includes many popular, athletic and sweat-drenched yoga styles. For weight loss purposes, try:

  • Ashtanga:
    Ashtanga Yoga is a very energetic style of practice to lose weight. Ashtanga practitioners are among the most dedicated of yogis, and beginners are often encouraged to sign up for a series of classes, which will help with motivation.
  • Hot Yoga:
    Vinyasa yoga done in a hot room ups the ante by guaranteeing you’ll sweat buckets.
  • Power Yoga:
    Power Yoga is extremely popular, because it provides a very vigorous cardiovascular workout. 

Tips of Yoga for Weight Loss:

  • If you plan to make yoga your primary form of exercise, you must do a vigorous 90-minute yoga class at least three times a week.
  • Many people also choose to combine yoga with running, walking or other aerobic exercise in order to reach their weight loss goals earlier.
  • Keep in mind that if you are just starting to do yoga, are very overweight, or are quite out of shape, always choose a beginner-level class.
  • Keep yourself exercising by doing yoga at home on the days you can’t make a class.
  • Follow along with a video or audio recording if you are new to yoga.